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Meet Tiara West


CEO/Founder of TWF (TiaraWest Films) This Atlanta based-- Baltimore native filmmaker is making her waves in the film industry. Tiara toggles from actress to writer/director effortlessly. VU appreciates Tiara West as an active freelancing filmmaker and film parter. 

Discover #TWF / TiaraWest Films


TWF, is known for visualizing compelling real life stories and scenarios with quality film productions. TiaraWest Films has independently released and distributed their own material; creating platforms to bring light and opportunity to their cast and crew.   

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Tiara West strives to develop and produce quality film production. She remains heavily involved and mentally invested in delivering a masterpiece of her own.  Because Tiara has a well-seasoned acting background she is able to bring the best out of her cast.

In the streets of Baltimore it's hard to tell who has your back from who has it long enough to just to stab you in it.  Written by Tiara West


Meet Alfred Nomad

An Atlanta raised Los Angeles based Hip-Hop advocate. Alfred has his creativity in a bit of everything. Alongside actively pushing his music; he is also Founder/ Creative Director for @wespreadlxve .  Alfred Nomad is an performing songwriter who lyrically express his message through music and creativity. VU appreciates Alfred as an active artist and entrepreneur in our community.

Meet Alfred @ The Puff and Play : 420 Experience.

More Insight: Alfred has been creatively connected with Judea of HiddenJewelsTea, Shellie Sweets, Morrisa and Rastafari Photography. 

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Check out WESPREADLXVE  ( 


Meet Shiva Walks

Los Angeles based rapper who also expresses himself through writing, philosophy and modeling. Shiva brands himself as the #NiggaBuddhist and uses his platforms to reach, teach and showcases with the music he creates. VU appreciates Shiva as an active artist and healer.  

Meet Shiva @ The Puff and Play : 420 Experience.  

More Insight: Shiva Walks has been creatively connected with both Velarde & Taylor Morse.

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Check out this Music Video for "Trap Maze" by Shellie Sweets - ft. Efojie

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Meet Shellie Sweets


Meet Shellie Sweets, an Atlanta based Trap/Soul Singer-Songwriter who cultivates the community with her trap singing, event hosting, and vegan health advocacy. This active ATL creator makes her waves by showcasing her sound with live performances, visuals and event networking. 

Experience Trap-Soul w/ Shellie Sweets


The infused sound of pure soul mixed with the new aged traditional sound of trap music would describe the unique sounds of Sweets. She vocalizes her story telling over heavy hitting rap beats developing a dope vibe for her fans to enjoy.  Shellie Sweets most recent song released on Soundcloud "Get Away" has such a vibe we had to share it with you! 

Vibe w/ Shellie LIVE in LA


VU is proud to have Shellie Sweets to be involved in our #PUFFnPLAY in LA : #420 Experience. We highlight her music and her artistry during this artist showcase for the cannabis community. 

More Insight: Shellie Sweets is an also event partner for VU,  we appreciate Shellie as an active creator and advocate for our community. 


#PUFFnPLAY : 420 Experience

We've created a performing showcase to celebrate in the highest way on the highest day.  If you are a part of the cannabis community -- You don't want want to miss this dope experience.  


Presented by VIBES&LINES + The Souf Palm Show

Make sure you RSVP now! to attend limited time left for free RSVP. 


Few Open Mic Slots Available

To participate in the open mic segment  with the 420 crowd. please submit by email 

On this episode of Souf Palm we talk about the Jessie Smollet case, Offset his new album and his glow up.  Explain our 6 week body shift. We also get metaphysical about Killing the Ego and these New Moon Vibes! Press play and join the conversation!

Meet Velarde


This multi-talented creator is a Los Angeles native with a Texas twang. Of her many talents Velarde is well-known for her music artistry, podcasting and digital design skills.  Velarde brings her community together by being active in the world of freelance creators. She is constantly networking and connecting others with resources to help them proceed. 

Experience The Souf Palm Show


Velarde is Founder/Creator of LA based Podcast Talk Show. THE SOUF PALM SHOW --From the Country South to the Palm Trees -- each Saturday watch as Velarde hosts the Souf Palm Show alongside CEO of VU bringing you current Entertainment, DIY, Lifestyle, Lunar and Entrepreneurship topics.

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Rock w/ Velarde's Music


Velarde aka #IBeThatBlackFilipina  ; creates her own sound by adding her unique touch of magic on each track she approaches; with her amazing eye she produces visuals to match her music allowing her fans to truly experience her creations. VU appreciates Velarde as a independent artist and creative partner. 

Get WELL w/ Jarrie, LLC


Jarrie, LLC;  Holistic Wellness Consultant Agency which specializes in guiding those who are struggling with mental stability and awareness. 

Explore your WELLNESS options w/ Jarrie.


It takes less than 30 seconds to decide to be well and less than one hour with Jarrie to consult with you about it. Take advantage of this opportunity to maintain the mental stability that you are seeking. 

Meet Jarrie


This well educated woman is proud to move her community in the right direction with mental health awareness services. She seeks to empower and evoke the positive being inside us all. Her slogan is "A black girls guide to wellness

Meet & Support #QueensOnAMission


QueensOnAMission, founded by Ceera Sade is a movement filled with collective women enforcing the importance of unity and protection. Creating an impact with Terplyfe, LLC, hosting and organizing events. 

Partner w/ #QoaM


#QueensOnMission actively inspires to bring their community needed resources such as employment opportunities, group educating, mental healing, hair services, hearing impaired translation services and much more! 

Meet Ceera Sade


This talented creative entrepreneur strives to show the world the change that is possible. Her motto is "The world is yours all you have to do is grab it." Ceera possess many talents including custom sewing and unique hair styling; making her an very active and empowering freelancer in our community. 

Watch this behind the scenes recap clip from Film theVISION's latest production.