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..a vast subdivision of culture, composed of many endeavors united by their employment of the human creative impulse.  

About VU

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Our Mission

As leading vessels, it is our mission to challenge the world to evoke and release their inner passions. To help free their minds, and show them that every dream is attainable. We will use our artistic appreciation as creators to inspire thought, show truth, and bring dreams to life. Most importantly we spread love between all genders, generations, races, and ethnicities. 

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Our Values

The core values that empower us as a movement include (but not limited to)

Loyalty - we are loyal to each other above all others.

Communication - we methodize efficient ways to communicate. 

Compromise - we make decisions as a team with everyone's best interest at soul.

Dedication and Consistency - we dedicate a consistent amount of time and effort to this movement.

Growth, Learning & Empowerment - we continuously learn and perfect our crafts to empower each other and ourselves.

Acceptance & Support - we accept each other for who we are and what we bring to support each other in our personal growth.

Belief & Spirituality - we believe in each other and ourselves to move from within.

Implementation - we lead by example. 

#VU #arts #entertainment #culture #innovation 


What is "VU"

Verse Union is a new and innovative user-friendly search engine for the arts. The content of our website is a large contribution of works created by us and all those whose artistic affairs share in some of the same values we represent as a brand. We provide a unique rebranding and marketing service designed by our own freelance team of passionately devoted architects. VU also provide, produce and promote people of our time who have a positive and passionate perspective on life; and knows how to express it vibrantly. We take pride in individuality and freedom as a website and as a brand.

#VU #innovation #arts #entertainment #culture

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